I, Hi Def FX (Davis F.) will not sell, trade, share, or give any information about clients, site users, customers, or corespondence, unless compelled by law.

I dont use cookies here at my site. I do keep records of correspondence through email and direct messages. I also keep sales records.

The site uses basic HTML, CSS, and some javascript. There are no ads. Please do use ad-blockers.

There is no 'wallet connection' on my site. If you want to pay with crypto, it will be by using the coinbase link, or, by manually sending to my wallet. I do keep records of wallet address, and I will need a shipping address. I will not share or sell your address for any reason unless forced by law.

For information about the privacy policy of services I use, visit the respective website. My host is Hostinger. My payment system is PayPal. I also use eBay, Instagram, and Twitter. Each service has its own privacy policy.